A Little About Me

I’m a landscape photographer living in Tropical North Queensland. l first picked up a camera 10 years ago as a teenager, and since then I have been slowly developing my skills behind the lens and crafting my vision.

My chosen style of landscape photography is capturing and interpreting the world in a panoramic format. I believe I see the world in a unique way and it’s my íntention to showcase this in a way people may have not seen before through my imagery.

I love the challenge of arriving at a location and seeking out images that speak to people in a way that makes them feel the genuine power and refined beauty of mother nature at her best. Ideally I want people to experience it that way I do when I’m out on location, almost like they where standing right there next to me when I press the shutter.

Quite often I am alone when I’m out on location but this is when I feel most connected to mother nature. Being alone allows me to quiet my mind and focus on just what is in front of my lens. It is only in these moments of pure inner calmness that I can create images that truly connect and speak to people in the way I intended.