It took ten years in the coal mines for Mitchell Burns to realise that no pay cheque is worth sacrificing your dreams. Now he’s making up for lost time.Mitchell Burns never wanted to be a miner. Growing up in a Queensland coal mining town with parents in the industry, it never felt like pursuing his passion for photography was an option. So, he went in the only direction he knew – straight into the mines.

After spending a decade in a job he hated, Mitch realised that he had put his dreams on hold for too long. With no blueprint for success, he turned away from mining knowing he’d have to forge his own path in photography. In a vulnerable moment, he posted online about leaving the only industry he’d ever known to follow his dreams – the now-viral video has inspired millions of people around the world not to give up on their goals.

These days, hundreds of thousands of viewers follow Mitch as he travels Australia and abroad, sharing his breathtaking landscape photographs and how he captures them. His story is a compelling call to action for anyone who has ever longed to quit their day job and pursue their passion. Learning the hard way that you won’t find happiness in a big bank balance, Mitch discovered that some risks are well worth taking – you just need to be brave enough to take the shot.

Life, Camera, Actionis an inspiring story about choosing your own adventure, and the beauty to be found in following your dreams.