Edge of Time

Edge of Time

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After two days of relentless weather at Cradle Mountain, I was determined to capture my dream shot. The blizzard conditions had made it a waiting game, testing my patience. I extended my stay by one more day, hoping for a break in the storm. Waking up the next morning, I sensed a change in the air. The previous days' snowfall had turned to ice, making the drive to the park slippery. I left well before sunrise, and as I arrived at the car park, I saw the silhouette of the peak in the distance and felt a surge of hope.

The first light of dawn revealed a clear view of Cradle Mountain. The wind had eased, but I knew it wouldn't last long. I quickly set up by the lakeside, framing the rocks in the foreground for added interest. The perfect reflection wouldn't last long with the breeze picking up. I needed a perfectly still, mirror-like reflection for the shot to work. I took this shot 10 minutes before sunrise, capturing the perfect light and the perfect moment. This dream shot, now titled "Edge of Time," was finally achieved, encapsulating the serene beauty and timelessness of that morning.

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