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A simple decision to drive 1000kms into the middle of the New South Whales outback has left me in complete awe of this incredible Country.

The idea to visit Mungo National park was based all around the chance to see the full moon rise over the ancient sand dunes of Lake Mungo. Lake Mungo is a world heritage site that holds incredible history of the first Australian Aboriginals. The most significant discovery out here was when the perfectly preserved remains of a human ( Mungo Man ) were discovered and after analysis it was found that this man was over 40,000 years old !! This discovery changed aboriginal history forever.

On arrival I was met with searing 45° heat , it felt like walking into an oven, still I was eager for the arrival of the moon. Having waiting until sunset now the mood had all changed with dark skies above the wind picked up dramatically, it was like a sand storm! This was game over for day 1

Not one to give up the next day I explored the back side of the lake where white sand dunes form from the constant wind that blows across the dry lake bed. The mission to capture the moonrise had now become a mission just to get a sunset but I never expected what I was going to whiteness that night.

I could see all the ingredients of a good sunset brewing, high whisky clouds. I took my time to find an interesting composition that gives this ancient landscape justice, choosing to focus on what they call residuals , there pretty much ancient sand sculptures formed over thousands of years and eroded away from wind and rain. The sky exploded with colour so intense it looked photoshopped! Hands down one of the best sunsets I have seen and to capture it over such an important landscape simply left me in total awe .

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